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University of Liverpool Use SB Crestabond® Donation for ARION2 Land Speed Bicycle

Scott Bader has made a second donation of two Crestabond® M1-20 cartridges to the University of Liverpool in order to assist with the production of the ARION2 Land Speed Bicycle. This follows a previous donation of Crestabond® late last year, that was put towards the highly succesful ARION1 Bicycle. The University has used the adhesive for all the structural bonding used in the construction of the Land Speed Bicycle.

During the construction process Robert McKenzie, Team Leader of the ARION2 Land Speed Bicycle, at the University of Liverpool, said: “Following Scott Bader’s generous donation of Crestabond®, we have bonded in a number of structural components already with great success. The bike shall be tested out soon.”