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One Brick at a Time – a Commonwealth Charity Fund recipient, update us on their progress

During May 2018, Scott Bader Commonwealth members voted for ‘One Brick at a Time’ to receive £25,000 from the Commonwealth’s charity fund to build 14 rainwater harvesting systems for schools, town centres and health centres in Western Uganda and to provide training for 30 apprentices, filling a skills deficit.

7 months on, we are delighted to share this video update on the positive difference our funding has made:

One Brick at a Time have successfully completed the building and installing of 23 water harvesting systems and the repair of another 5 that were unfortunately damaged. They have trained 30 young people both from local communities and vocational institutes who will be able to provide maintenance in the future. 28 tanks will bring millions of litres of water. This will improve the lives of thousands of children and community members who now have clean water for hygiene, drinking and cooking. Children do not have to walk several kilometres a day to collect water, and they will spend less time in lessons being too thirsty to concentrate. By providing these tanks,  diarrhoea or bilharzia from contaminated streams and wells will also decrease.

Thank you for the update One Brick at a Time, we are delighted to see our funding making a positive difference in Western Uganda!