Refreshed look and a new hand cleanser thickener for Scott Bader’s Texicryl® range

Scott Bader are pleased to introduce a new look for their range of Texicryl® acrylic dispersions!

Alongside the launch of Texicryl’s new look is a new thickener for hand cleansers: Texicryl 13-323!

Texicryl 13-323 has been specifically developed as a rheology modifier for both Ethanol and IPA-based hand cleanser applications. It is a new and improved thickener from Scott Bader that’s easy to use, has excellent suspension of particles in clear formulations and can be used at ambient temperatures.

You can see Texicryl 13-323 in action here ⬇️

Click here for more information on Texicryl 13-323.