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Crestomer® Advantage 10 Structural Adhesive

Crestomer Advantage 10 is a structural adhesive that has the capability of bonding a wide range of substrates. This structural adhesive has superb fatigue and impact resistance as well as being highly thixotropic for excellent retention of toughness.

This structural adhesive has a fast gel time of 10 minutes and short fixture time of 1.2 hours, meaning that bonded parts are fully workable after this time period. Crestomer Advantage 10 is truly flexible, with excellent holds and gap filling capabilities between the sizes of 1 and 15 mm.

Recommended substrates include polyester resin, stainless steel, epoxy, balsa and marine ply as well as exceptional FRP to FRP bonding capabilities that outperforms typical bonding paste and 2-part PU.

This structural adhesive is pre-packed in ready-to-use 380ml co-axial cartridges, meaning that no hand mixing is required and no catalyst needs to be added. Products should only be opened immediately prior to use.

This powerful structural adhesive is for commercial/industrial use only and should only be used by skilled and trained individuals. It is up to the user to determine the suitability of the adhesive for a given substrate and application – if you are unsure contact Scott Bader today for help or guidance.

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