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Crestomer® Advantage 30 Structural Adhesive

Crestomer Advantage 30 uses Scott Bader’s unique urethane acrylate technology and exhibits exceptional impact strength and toughness. This flexible structural adhesive has the capability to bond a wide range of substrates, including stainless steel, aluminium, balsa, marine ply, GRP and vinyl ester, with exceptional FRP to FRP bonding.

A truly fast performing structural adhesive, Crestomer Advantage 30 has a gel time of only 30 minutes and any parts that have been bonded are fully workable within 2 hours and 20 minutes. This adhesive is suitable for gap filling between the sizes of 1 and 20 mm and is strongly effective on vertical surfaces.

This pre-packed, ready-to-use adhesive offers similar advantages to our Crestomer 1151A, however is supplied in a convenient 360ml co-axial cartridge. Crestomer Advantage 30 is supplied pre-accelerated and already contains advantage catalyst within the cartridge for ease of preparation. The opaque white colour of the adhesive blends well aesthetically with cosmetically sensitive applications.

The user must identify the suitability of the chosen adhesive for a given application and substrate. If you are unsure then it is advised that you contact your local Scott Bader representative or alternatively, contact us below for assistance regarding the most suitable structural adhesives for your needs.

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