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Crystic® Isophthalic Spray Gelcoat GT-1000

GelTint is our gelcoat range providing a fast, precise service producing high quality gelcoats for you. Recommended for use in all markets including marine, land transport and building applications. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.

Part of our GelTint range is Crystic® Gelcoat GT-1000, a high performance isophthalic neopentyl glycol gelcoat. This gelcoat is pre-accelerated and formulated for spray application.

Crystic® Gelcoat GT-1000 has been specially designed for the production of high quality mouldings for a range of industries. This formulation offers excellent hydrolysis resistance combined with a high gloss and gloss retention. Crystic® Gelcoat GT-1000 has been approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

GelTint offers the latest in pigment and gelcoat technology producing a high quality product for ease of use, finish and longevity. There is a vast range of colours available. Custom colour matching is also available if required once you contact a Scott Bader representative.

The biggest benefit of GelTint is the speed of service. We have a maximum lead time of 5 working days (excluding delivery) with a priority service of 48 hours from when the order is placed.

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