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Scott Bader launch Crestabond® M1-04SL

Scott Bader has launched a new high-tech structural adhesive for their Crestabond® range; Crestabond M1-04 SL.

SL stands for self-levelling. The self-levelling adhesive is used for potting and bonding purposes in electric vehicle batteries and is suitable for applications in all market segments where self-levelling properties are required. Scott Bader’s Crestabond structural adhesives are already used by a number of automotive and land transport manufacturers around the world. As the automotive market moves towards an electric future, Scott Bader’s products are being developed to suit.

The development of Crestabond M1-04 SL showcases Scott Bader’s focus on developing products for sustainable markets, as part of their 2036 vision of becoming a fully sustainable company.

Crestabond M1-04 SL is a 10:1 structural adhesive suitable for primer-less application on composite, thermoplastics and metals. It has high-strength and resistance to tough environmental conditions as well as a gap filling capability of up to 5mm.

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Crestabond manufacturing expansion

In March 2022, Scott Bader announced their Canadian site will begin manufacturing Crestabond® structural adhesives in 2022.

The expansion of their Crestabond® production to Scott Bader ATC will allow Scott Bader to meet the growing demand for their high-quality MMA primerless structural adhesives within the North American market. It will also significantly reduce transport emissions and delivery times, helping Scott Bader to deliver a faster, more efficient service for their customers with less environmental impact.