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Celebrating Scott Bader at Bader Fest 2017!

On Friday 23rd June we are celebrating everything Scott Bader, at Bader Fest 2017!

The purpose of the day is to celebrate Scott Bader, what we do and who we are. Colleagues across our U.K. head office will be participating in various activities throughout the day, including laser tag, learning the haka and scuba diving in the onsite swimming pool. After 5pm the day is then open to family and friends for further evening activities!


The day has been organised to link in with our Three Pillars – Business, Humanity and Ecology.

The Business pillar will be met through our colleagues having a better understanding of how we operate and what our organisation means in terms of our unique organisational structure. As members of the EOA (Employee Ownership Association), EO Day is the national celebration of employee ownership and a major opportunity for raising awareness of the economic benefits and positive impact the sector has on the UK economy.

The Humanity pillar is addressed through various activities which we may never have experienced – however, this can be fun! By trying something different, we experience the world a bit differently too and this can lead to us thinking about things in a different light, and help us all move out of our comfort zone to meet the challenges facing the business over the next few years. We are doing these activities together and we hope that this will enable us to come together as a Community – doing fun things and having new experiences.

The Ecology pillar will be part of the various experiences that will be offered during the day – Wildlife Trust walks around our site, to understand what we can be doing to protect and nurture the environment around us and in the R&D and Operations Experiences, we can see and understand what Scott Bader is trying to achieve in terms of sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.