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Hell’s Bay Boat Manufactured Using Crestapol® 1260 & Crestomer® 1152 Wins Skiff Challenge

A new Hell’s Bay boat is using space-age technology with the design revolving around Crestapol® 1260 and Crestomer® 1152 along with Innegra-carbon fabric. Crestapol® 1260 was used to infuse the hull, deck and bulkheads, whilst Crestomer®  1152 was used to bond the bulkhead panels and to bond the deck to the hull. The completed boat without the engine and instruments weighed in at just 580 pounds!

Crestapol® 1260 was chosen due to its exceptional strength and durability properties whilst also achieving around a 20% weight reduction. Crestomer® 1152 adhesive was used as it’s minimal surface preparation reduced assembly times and it provided an excellent surface finish.

The new boat has recently won the Skiff Challenge which started on Tuesday 3rd of April! The race started in Gulf Breeze Florida and continued for over 1600 miles in the open ocean plus Florida back waterways before ending in Cabin Bluff, Woodbine, GA. The Skiff Challenge was set up to help raise money for Captains for Clean Water , a non-profit organisation that works to preserve waterways and wildlife. So far the Hell’s Bay boat team have raised over $6000!

We are really pleased that our products have helped the team win the Skiff Challenge and raise a significant amount of money for Captains for Clean Water. Well done to all involved!