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Scott Bader Commonwealth helps fund solar powered water plants in rural Pakistan

Scott Bader Commonwealth has been working with The Naya Qadam Trust to help establish solar powered water plants in regions unable to access safe drinking water for their communities, in Chachroo Village. These three water plants are also able to provide irrigation facilities for local people. Solar has been used in these areas to provide lighting around the villages, assisting with the energy crisis in the region.

The funding allowed the Naya Qadam Trust to provide further educational facilities to increase the education of those living in the rural area. Not only has this helped the children, but also assisted the adults in understanding both human-rights and women’s-rights, and empowered them to focus on their studies and become more self-sufficient.

Included within their education programme is traditional garment making, agro-based training and the planting and nurturing of vegetable seeds.

One of our Core Values, instilled by our founder Ernest Bader, is to make a positive difference to our local communities. We are proud that we can achieve this by supporting the Naya Qadam Trust and the great work they do.