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Scott Bader celebrate employee ownership with community days in North America and South Africa

We were delighted to discover we’ve recently moved up to number 27 of the Employee Ownership Top 50 companies list! Every year we celebrate our unique employee ownership structure and our colleagues from Scott Bader North America and Scott Bader South Africa have been sharing details of their company day celebrations. In true Scott Bader spirit a key element of the company days has been to make a contribution to benefit the local community. Colleagues in the US and Canada spent time cleaning up their local community whilst colleagues in South Africa hosted a community market.

Scott Bader colleagues in Canada busied themselves with clearing lots of leaves!

Meanwhile in the US colleagues worked with Habitat for Humanity of Summit County’s ‘Neighbourhood Reborn’ programme.

The mini market organised in South Africa was through the ‘Robin Hood Foundation’.  This allowed 30 Gogos and Mkhulusand Mkhulus (elders) from the local Hammarsdale community to enjoy a free shopping experience. Colleagues entertained with singing and ensured their guests enjoyed some food and drink.


We recognise the value of helping those around us, and thanks to our unique ‘Trusteeship’ structure, we have the opportunity to make a positive difference to our communities.

A fitting way to finish is to share this video of the wonderfully warm welcome our colleagues at Scott Bader South Africa gave their visitors!