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Scott Bader Croatia fund new sensory garden via the Scott Bader Commonwealth

In November 2019, Scott Bader Croatia were able to donate through the Scott Bader Commonwealth to enable the Rehabilitation centre Stančić to create a sensory garden for children and adults with disabilities to enjoy.

Rehabilitation centre Stančić is a social welfare organisation, providing its social services to more than 600 children and adults with disabilities. Their fundamental role is to ensure that children and adults with disabilities have access to areas in the local community with the necessary services that allow full social inclusion.

Sensory gardens are a form of occupational therapy, the garden reduces stress, improves sensorimotor, mental and psychosocial skills, and has a positive effect on a person’s health and his overall being, thereby raising the quality of life. The ultimate goal of the garden project is for users to develop all their senses through work and play, finding peace and satisfaction in the green surroundings of the garden. The garden provides new ways of acquiring knowledge, and examples from everyday life help the development of social skills and abilities.

Not only is the garden enjoyed by all, but it serves as a learning environment for those surrounding it. Participating in the maintenance of the sensory park, including weeding, cleaning, watering the plants, allowing user to understand more about keeping a “green” environment in the open space.

Scott Bader Croatia also recently donated to help landscape the Zelengaj forest, read more here.

It’s fantastic to see Scott Bader Croatia making a positive difference to their local community through the Scott Bader Commonwealth. Well done to all colleagues involved!