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Scott Bader d.o.o (Croatia) celebrate their Company Day 2018!

Scott Bader d.o.o (Croatia) has recently celebrated everything Scott Bader at their company day 2018!

Colleagues on site attended a short R&D presentation about our Crystic resins, followed by a presentation from HEART, a local charity that helps people with disabilities as well as their families.

Following the presentations the SB team made wooden chairs and a swing set for the premises of the HEART charity as well as 250 decorative carton boxes.   

They then took part in a quiz about the Commonwealth and our 2036 Vision and created a time capsule to reopen in 2036. To finish the day they played some games and finalised a collection of food and cosmetics to give away!   

Time Capsule – Colleagues wrote down their ideas, desires and visions related to their workplace or Scott Bader as whole. These were put in to a time capsule which was later buried! At the Scott Bader d.o.o company day in 2036, the capsule will be re-opened and these ideas will be compared with the achievements made.