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Scott Bader Middle East support the distribution of food packages in Bangladesh

Scott Bader Middle East have been working with CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed) to distribute dry food packages in Bangladesh.

Due to the global pandemic Bangladesh was placed into lockdown in March 2020. This had a disastrous effect on the income of families across the country. The funding from the Scott Bader Commonwealth, distributed by Scott Bader Middle East, has allowed CRP to deliver 165 dry food packages to Bangladeshi families living in poverty.

CRP are a charity that provides medical treatment, rehabilitation and support services focusing on physical, emotional, social, psychological and economic aspects. It promotes the development of skilled personnel in health care and rehabilitation in Bangladesh. CRP has developed centres in different parts of the country to expand its services for disabled people in collaboration with other organisations.

Mahedul Islam, CRP’s Assistant Manager, said: “After the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, CRP has introduced many initiatives to combat the virus and minimise the rate of infections by following the Government guidelines. One of the initiatives was distributing dry food packages to the poor and persons with disabilities all over Bangladesh. Because most of the poor and persons with disabilities have lost their daily income and highly affected because of the countrywide lockdown situation in Bangladesh. Considering this, CRP has distributed 165 dry food packages to the poor and persons with disabilities with the financial support from Scott Bader Middle East Limited in Savar and Manikganj sadar sub districts respectively.”

Scott Bader Middle East continues to support and work with CRP to help more families in need. Well done to the SBME team for making a positive difference to families in Bangladesh!