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Scott Bader takes vote at the ‘Annual General Meeting’ to donate £25,000 to 2 successful charities!

As we have no shareholders, Scott Bader’s Commonwealth Members worldwide vote at our AGM. In addition to the usual business the resolutions passed were:
1. The amount from the profits to be donated to Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited to support its charitable giving
2. The amount allocated for the Group Staff Bonus and how it is to be distributed. .

The two successful charities receiving the most votes, from the four put forward, to receive £25,000 each from the Group Charity Fund were:

(i) Advantage Africa – Kibwezi, rural Kenya. £25,000 – to help disabled children and adults and their families (over 2,000 beneficiaries in total) to overcome poverty. The project will provide: (i) materials and training for 40 disabled people and their families to establish income-generating activities (ii) surgery and prosthetic limbs for 20 people (iii) custom-made appliances for 72 people and (iv) rehabilitation, health, and emotional support to a further 300 disabled people and their families through 11 community disability groups.

(ii) AMOR – £25,000 to build a new School for orphans and vulnerable children of both primary and secondary school age in a rural indigenous village of Chiul in Guatemala, a war-devastated area where only 12% of children attend school. This School will also serve as an Adult Training Centre, teaching vital literacy and livelihood skills in the evenings to help them feed their families