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Scott Bader’s Crestapol® 1250 used within World Championship winning Kayaks

On September 5th, the 2015 ICF World Championship Finals for Freestyle Kayaking took place at Garberator Wave on the Ottawa River in Canada. The annual event, competed in both Men’s and Women’s divisions proved to be a complete success for manufacturer’s Murky Water Paddling Supplies Ltd. and Jackson Kayaks whose custom made kayaks took up 11 of the top 12 positions.  What’s more, all except for one of the winning boats were built with the inclusion of our very own Crestapol® 1250LV, specified as the high performance infusion resin along with a carbon fibre (CF) and InnegraTM HIC fabric reinforcement system.

We would like to congratulate all those who competed in the ICF World Championship Finals as well as Murky Water Paddling Supplies and Jackson Kayaks for using our product in the manufacturing of their World Championship winning Kayaks.