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Winners of the Scott Bader Commonwealth’s Charity Fund 2018

We are delighted to announce that the four successful charities, from the six put forward, to receive £25,000 each from the Scott Bader Commonwealth charity fund are:

AFRIKIDS – £25,000 will enable AfriKids to train 25 teachers in five schools in northern Ghana, dramatically enhancing the quality of education in the classroom for over 1,000 children every year. They will build gender-friendly toilets, provide teaching and learning materials and set up child rights clubs in each of the five schools. They will work with teachers, communities, school authorities and parents to make sure that education is prioritised and valued in poor, rural communities. They will significantly impact low pass, retention and enrolment rates while driving up standards across the schools.

BANSANG HOSPITAL APPEAL – £25,000 will enable Bansang to convert a dilapidated building into suitable accommodation for the doctors and their families. The project has the potential to demonstrate to the world that affordable, effective and sustainable healthcare can be delivered in even the world’s most hostile environments.

EXCELLENT DEVELOPMENT – £25,000 to build a sand dam and provide climate-smart agriculture training for one farming community in South East Kenya. Sand dams are a sustainable, low-cost technology, which provide year-round access to safe water, for life. Farmers will be enabled to make the most of their sand dam through training in improved farming techniques and the establishment of a tree nursery, seed bank and demonstration farm. This project will enhance water and food security for 4,597 people.

ONE BRICK AT A TIME – £25,000 to fund 14 rainwater harvesting systems for schools, town centres and health centres in Western Uganda and to provide training for 30 apprentices, filling a skills deficit. 5,333 school children will be taught safe hygiene and given access to safe water alongside 15,550 patients. Town centres with 80,880 people will gain improved access to clean water and this will be used as part of a hand washing drive, reducing high rates of waterborne disease and child mortality.

We hope the donations from the Scott Bader Commonwealth can help change lives around the world!