Diversity and inclusion Diversity and inclusion

Scott Bader is committed to sustaining a highly effective and supportive environment for colleagues, applicants, students, customers, volunteers, workers supplied by agencies and contractors.

The Company recognises that managing diversity and inclusion is crucial to being seen as an employer of choice and understands and values individual contribution, where all are able to participate and where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Scott Bader UK colleagues at summer day 2017

We welcome different and fresh ways of thinking, encouraging innovation where colleagues feel that they can express their views freely. We aim to create the kind of environment that is receptive and welcoming of all people.

Our values incorporate teamwork, responsibility, fairness and commitment where we expect diversity and inclusivity within our Company and in our partnership with others. We require all of our colleagues to treat each other and all customers with respect; we want to maintain a working atmosphere in which everyone delivers a high-quality service.

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