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Crestapol® 1261 resin delivers exceptional strength & weight saving to the Galeon 640 FLY yacht

The flybridge of Galeon’s new 640 FLY yacht superstructure would typically be produced using standard resin with glass fibre and supported by metal pillar structures at the rear of the boat. The engineering team from Galeon Composite Engineering Research and Development Department performed a structural design using Scott Bader’s Crestapol® 1261 urethane acrylate resin, with a combination of multiaxial and unidirectional carbon fibre from METYX Composites. The combination of the engineering and the material choice has enabled Galeon to significantly increase the stiffness and reduce the weight of this structure eliminating the need for additional support pillars at the rear of the boat.

Previously, Galeon used carbon fibre material for secondary structural elements across their range of yachts. After seeing the exceptional weight saving Crestapol® resins could bring, whilst maintaining high strength, Galeon now uses Crestapol® 1260 and 1261 in their new range of yachts.

Scott Bader’s intelligent urethane acrylate Crestapol® 1261 resin is ideal for the marine industry as it provides high strength and can be processed in a similar way to polyester or vinyl ester resins, with no elevated temperature cure and no autoclave required. An added benefit is that Crestapol® 1261 is compatible with polyester gelcoats so Galeon is able to apply the same gelcoat throughout a yacht.

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