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Investing in our colleagues at Scott Bader UK

During September 2022, Scott Bader UK embarked on its Lean journey.

Lean is a method of work that creates an efficient process through eliminating non-value adding activities. It ensures manufacturing organisations become better, faster and more efficient. Lean methodology seeks to optimise workflow, minimise inventory, reduce lead times, and empower colleagues at all levels.

To support our colleagues understanding of Lean and the benefits it brings to the business, the

Scott Bader UK Operational Excellence team introduced a Lean Apprenticeship Programme to provide colleagues with the knowledge of Lean tools and techniques that are necessary as the organisation strives for operational excellence.

As part of Scott Bader’s pledge to offer all colleagues training and development opportunities, each individual achieves a recognised NVQ qualification upon completion of the programme.

In October 2022 four teams made up of 13 colleagues based at Scott Bader UK embarked on the augural program. One year on, and with the support of the onsite Operational Excellence Team and the Complete Lean Solutions course provider, we are proud to share the first group have successfully completed their projects and now start to embark on their end point assessments.

To celebrate their success, the four teams presented their projects to the senior management team at Scott Bader UK. One of the key success stories so far is that through learning the benefits of Lean and putting into practice the knowledge and techniques they have learnt; the teams have realised a combined operational saving of more than £225,000!

Tony, Scott Bader UK’s Operational Excellence Team Leader, said: “Through learning and understanding how simple Lean techniques are to use the individuals in the teams have now started their journey into continuous improvement and can continue to use what they have learnt on a daily basis. Well done and congratulations to all for all your efforts so far.”

Huge congratulations to the individuals involved which included Mark, Trever, Ryan and Matt from the Beacon Plant, Mark, Michel and Chris from the QC team, Brendan and Nathan from the Crystic Plant and Jamie, Lewis and Callum from the New Polymer Plant.

Well done all!