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Premium Scandinavian motorboats produced using Scott Bader’s adhesives, resins and tooling products

Scott Bader and family-owned Micore Boats AB have been working in partnership for 11 years.

Established in 1979 by Göte Gustavsson, Micore are a family-owned and run business, manufacturing premium motorboats for Scandinavian customers. They have over 40 years experience in fibreglass boat production. Today, Micore is run by Göte’s children, siblings Malin & Peter Tholérus.

Micore use Scott Bader’s Crystic Ecogel S3PA, a very-low styrene marine gelcoat with superior weathering properties, for finishing their powerboat hulls and decks. Crestafix 90-82PA is used for the composition of the parts due to its high shear strength and flexibility.

Crystic Topcoat, Crystic 2-420PALV and Crystic 2-446MPALV are used for the lamination of all composite parts.

Crestamould high performance matched tooling systems produce all of Micore’s composite moulds. Scott Bader’s Crestamould products are supplied as a fully matched system for the production of both plugs and moulds.

Peter Tholérus Part Owner, Micore Boats AB says “Scott Bader has a great product range for marine manufacturers. The Scott Bader Scandinavia warehouse is in a good location and their staff always provide a high service that gives us the delivery and security we want. Overall, Scott Bader offer a good mix of high quality products with excellent service and a great warehouse.”