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Scott Bader and Andercol, part of the Orbis Group, expand investment in Brazil to double the capacity of the Novascott joint venture

The expansion of the plant will allow current and new products, which are currently solely manufactured in Europe, to be manufactured in Brazil.

Established three years ago, NovaScott was created to meet the needs of the gelcoat and composites markets whilst offering in additional products such as acrylic resins, low shrinkage resins and structural adhesives.

Through the technological bases of Scott Bader and all their global brands Crystic®, Crestapol®, Crestabond® and Crestomer®, NovaScott will release a new product portfolio during 2018.

Brazil presents new opportunities for growth and with the results achieved in different markets such as wind, swimming pools and electricity; Andercol and Scott Bader decided to expand their current plant located in Vitória, ES, bringing new equipment and new technologies that are not manufactured in Brazil today.

Gilson Tadeu Scaglia, General Manager and Rodrigo Briguelli, Commercial Coordinator of NovaScott, highlight the importance of this investment and what it can provide to the Brazilian market:

Through Scott Bader’s technologies and Andercol’s production processes, we managed to position ourselves in the aforementioned markets, very prominently in the wind market, bringing technical differentiation for customers and achieving pieces and processes of better quality and added value.

With the expansion of the plant, we will nationalize new technologies such as low-VOC Gelcoats, free of styrene and flame retardant Gelcoats, as well as other specific products that are now a reality in Europe and other continents.

Our idea is to increase the range of action, since Scott Bader, besides being a model supplier for the wind market, is a reference in the maritime and transport market, and we want to act more actively in those segments with high performance products and innovative technology”.

PRODUCTIVE PLANT: The new production plant operates from the second semester of 2017 and has German technology equipment and a laboratory development structure similar to the other plants of Scott Bader, bringing to Brazil cutting-edge technology and developments in the European market.