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Scott Bader further expands its production capacity for adhesives, bonding pastes, gelcoats and formulated products

Following an investment of over €1.2 million in 2017, Scott Bader has made a further capital investment to expand production capacity for its range of Crestabond® and Crestomer® structural adhesives, Crestafix® bonding pastes, Crystic® gelcoats and formulated products.

A new state of the art mixer has been installed and is now fully operational at Scott Bader France, based in Amiens, from where customers are supplied worldwide. This latest strategic investment of over €1.8 million is in response to significant growth in customer demand for Scott Bader’s products, and a continued long-term commitment to the composites industry and its manufacturing facility in France.

The installation of the new mixer has increased production capacity by around 30%, an increase that is needed to cope with the continued growth in sales during 2021 and beyond. Jonathan Stowell, Scott Bader’s Group Commercial Director explains: “To meet the growing demand and to continue to offer competitive lead times, this new state of the art mixer will be used to manufacture a wide range of Scott Bader products for a variety of industries including marine, construction and wind energy

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