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Scott Bader India manufactures resin from recycled plastic bottles

Scott Bader India has pioneered the use of rPET flake (chopped up PET plastic bottles) as a raw material in the manufacture of Espol resins for customers across India.

In 2023, Scott Bader India used 58 tonnes of recycled rPET flake into the manufacture of Espol resins. Incredibly, this is equivalent to approximately 1.75 million 1.5L plastic bottles.

The rPET flakes are converted to resin which is then incorporated into the final formulation. The resins are then used to manufacturer GRP components across India for markets such as building & construction, water parks and general purpose applications. These resins contain up to 50% recycled rPet content.

Using rPET flakes gives fresh life to these previously single use plastic bottles, creating structures that last over 20 years and helping Scott Bader reduce its use of newly produced raw materials.

Saving 1.75 million plastic drinks bottles from the environment is another small step towards our 2036 vision of becoming a fully sustainable business with a net positive impact on the environment. It is initiatives like this that helped us achieve a Gold EcoVadis rating in 2023.

“It is amazing to think that due to the innovative approach to resin development here in Scott Bader India 1.75 Million plastic bottles have been prevented from either being sent to landfill or left to contaminate our oceans. We are always looking for new approaches to reduce our impact on the environment.” said Jon Stowell, India strategy director

The resins produced using rPet flake are Espol 32.06 and 60.00/60.01. Please click here to learn more and order your sample today.