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Scott Bader launch Crestaform® 3D printing resins

Scott Bader is excited to launch Crestaform, a new range of high-performance 3D printing resins available to both individual consumers and businesses.

This is Scott Bader’s first ever product range for 3D printing and therefore it has created much excitement and anticipation. 3D printing is a rapidly growing market that Scott Bader identified as an area for new product development using their vast experience and expertise in resin manufacture, dating back over 70 years. That expertise led to the development of Crestaform high performing 3D printing resins that exhibit superior mechanical performance and excellent reactivity.

Scott Bader’s Crestaform 3D printing resins can be used in most stereolithography 3D printers and are cured by laser or light. The level and quality of detail that can be achieved is staggering when using Crestaform resins to produce a 3D print. The opportunities truly are endless.

Click here for more information on Scott Bader’s first 3D printing resin; Crestaform Rapid Blue.

Crestaform 3D printing resins are supplied in recyclable bottles. Scott Bader will share more information on how to easily clean the bottles for recycle. Larger bulk orders are available directly from Scott Bader.

Jonathan Stowell, Scott Bader’s Commercial Director, said: “Entering the 3D printing market is an exciting new venture for Scott Bader. We have used our in depth experience in resin development to create market leading 3D printing resins that are easy to use and effortlessly produce highly detailed prints.”