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Scott Bader launches second thickener for hand cleansers to help global effort

Scott Bader is pleased to announce it has launched a second new thickener for both Ethanol and IPA-based hand cleanser formulations; Texicryl® 13-322!

Last month Scott Bader launched Texicryl® 13-321, a new thickener developed in just ten days, to help the global shortage of hand cleanser ingredients. High demand from around the world has led to the launch of a second thickener that has been specifically developed for use in both Ethanol and IPA-based hand cleanser formulations.

Developing this second thickener will help manufacturers of both Ethanol and IPA-based formulations produce hand cleansers to fight against the global spread of infections and viruses.

For more information on Texicryl® 13-322 please click here.