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Scott Bader launches new CrysticROOF products to Revive or Repair your GRP roof

Scott Bader is pleased to introduce three new CrysticROOF products to it’s market leading GRP roofing systems; CrysticROOF Revive, Repair and a PU Adhesive & Sealant!


CrysticROOF Revive offers any GRP roof a new lease of life.
Without the need for a catalyst, CrysticROOF Revive is a one component moisture curing polyurethane-based waterproofing membrane which is designed as an overlay directly onto an existing GRP roof.



CrysticROOF Repair is a thixotropic and fibre-reinforced, one component polyurethane liquid membrane used for repairing damaged GRP roofs.




CrysticROOF PU Adhesive & Sealant is a one component, polyurethane-based, low modulus sealant. It can be used on its own as an adhesive sealant or a gap sealant for waterproofing a GRP roof.



The exciting new CrysticROOF products now offer the option of reviving or repairing an existing GRP roof. They join the market leading range of CrysticROOF GRP roofing systems; CrysticROOF Premier, FR, Standard and COOLCure.

CrysticROOF products are currently available in the UK and Ireland. For more information on Scott Bader’s CrysticROOF range, please click here.

CrysticROOF products are for professional use only. They should only be used be appropriately trained professional and industrial users.