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Scott Bader partners with EcoVadis to drive sustainable procurement innovation and excellence across the value chain

Scott Bader, a global manufacturer of adhesives, resins and gelcoats today announces its partnership with EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Scott Bader will leverage the EcoVadis platform to reduce risk, encourage innovation and drive sustainable procurement performance across its supply base.

Scott Bader is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable products that meet its customers evolving needs. EcoVadis will support this mission by enabling Scott Bader’s procurement team to measure, monitor and improve supplier performance across key sustainability criteria and identify high-performing partners willing to collaborate in developing such solutions.

“This partnership will lay the foundation for how we evaluate and equip our suppliers to meet our high ethical and quality standards,” said Mark Cooper, Group Technology Director at Scott Bader. “EcoVadis is a strategic partner and brings an established and proven methodology that enables us to drive measurable performance improvements within our supply base and deliver on our long-term strategic commitment of putting sustainability at the core of what we do.”

Scott Bader will actively work with EcoVadis to assess partners’ ability to execute sustainable product development and procurement initiatives, innovate responsibly and address manufacturing risks, starting with strategic, top-tier suppliers. This insight combined with open, honest discussions around performance standards and expectations, will enable the procurement team to reduce risk exposure, continually drive progress and make more responsible procurement decisions across the board.

“While the supply chain represents risk, it is also a key lever for becoming a more sustainable business. To make real improvements, all partners in the network must collaborate and ensure clear expectations of what responsible procurement looks like,” said Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-CEO of EcoVadis. “Scott Bader understands this and is committed to ensuring its practices foster an environment that benefits its customers, partners and the world.”

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