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Scott Bader plant an oak tree to mark their journey towards a sustainable future

Today, following the Annual General Meeting in the UK, we planted an oak tree as a symbol of our journey and commitment to a sustainable future and our 2036 Vision. The proverb ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ reminds us that big things often come from very small things and that some things take time to develop and grow. Our sustainability journey will be a long one but with patience, commitment and hard work we will achieve our 2036 Vision.

To an audience made up principally of colleagues, Scott Bader’s CEO, Jean-Claude Pierre said;

“A tree is a perfect symbol for our 2036 Vision.  Trees have an emotional and functional relationship to us as human beings. Functional because they absorb our CO2 emission while providing the oxygen we need to live.  Emotional; trees have through the centuries been a symbol of positive energy, vitality, fertility and a healthy life.  This tree marks our passion to strive to create a more sustainable Scott Bader and a more sustainable world that the next generation can enjoy as we do.”

All colleagues were given the opportunity to ‘plant’ the tree, and a plaque made of 50% recycled material was also unveiled and will be mounted by the tree.

Other sites have also symbolically marked our sustainability journey.  Scott Bader Croatia placed an ‘insect’ hotel on their grounds to encourage biodiversity…

Scott Bader South Africa planted a Lebombo cluster-leaf tree…

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