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Scott Bader’s inaugural Women in Leadership development programme is a huge success!

In October 2019, twelve female Scott Bader colleagues began a 9 month journey on the company’s inaugural Women in Leadership (WIL) development programme.  Since our first article on the programme in November 2019, the group have busily been continuing with the course whilst implementing what they are learning in their day-to-day roles.  Here, we give an overview of what the group has achieved;

The purpose of the WIL programme was to support women and empower them to look forward to a positive future career. Our ultimate ambition being to nurture the talent we have whilst encouraging gender equality in senior positions. The more diversity we can bring to our senior positions the better.

Philippa Ayears, Senior Buyer at Scott Bader UK, explains why she wanted to take part:

“The opportunity would give me the tools to be able to progress within Scott Bader, increase the positive impact I could have on the business, and broaden my leadership skills and confidence in leading

In our previous article, the group had completed their face-to-face training on personal branding, presence, impact, beliefs and confidence. Barbara Joubert, Business Manager for Speciality Polymers at Scott Bader South Africa (Pty), found the experience enlightening;

“It’s been an eye opener in so many different ways! – how different men and women act and behave and what is expected of us, how often we miss out on opportunities because we lack confidence and wait to be recognised instead of us taking charge”

Helen Clifton, Process Engineering Manager at Scott Bader UK, found the training useful in her role as a manager;

“For me, I have been able to develop some of the ‘softer skills’ that I need as a manager and I’ve seen personal growth that will translate into the advancement of my career”

Following completion of two further webinar modules on being politically savvy and strategic networking, the group worked as a team on a project that looked at how more women can be supported at Scott Bader with their development in the coming months and years.  After much research and discussions, they presented their findings to the Scott Bader senior leadership team. They concluded their presentation with a number of recommended actions that they passionately believe are necessary for Scott Bader to further develop as an employer with a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture.

Heather Puddephatt, Senior Chemist at Scott Bader UK, explains;

“There are a number of actions that we as a cohort aim to accomplish, including support for other women in the workplace and to be champions of change. From Scott Bader we hope to see further programme opportunities offered along with an increase in various diversity and inclusion initiatives that will ultimately benefit the business”

Further to their recommendations to the leadership team, there has been a full review of diversity and inclusion at Scott Bader. The review was not limited to gender equality, and many of the recommendations received from Scott Bader colleagues are now in the process of being implemented.  It’s fair to say that our first ever Women in Leadership cohort have set the bar high with their potential legacy of future-proofing diversity at Scott Bader!

To find out more, look out for our next update on how Scott Bader is embracing diversity and inclusion.