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Scott Bader’s sustainable innovations for their adhesive range

Throughout 2022, Scott Bader is planning to add a number of innovative developments to their Crestabond®, Crestomer® and Crestafix® adhesives to reduce their environmental impact. The tireless drive towards sustainable innovation from their Research and Development Team is inspired by their 2036 vision of becoming a fully sustainable company.

Here, we summarise their plans for the year:

Introduce collapsible packaging to reduce plastic waste by up to 75%

The Scott Bader adhesive team have partnered with a world renown packaging expert to develop a collapsible Crestabond® cartridge. The collapsible cartridge will reduce plastic waste by up to 75% when compared to a traditional adhesive cartridge. The reduction in size will also significantly reduce weight and therefore emissions in transit.

Add adhesive manufacture at further Scott Bader sites

Adhesive manufacture is currently being developed at additional Scott Bader manufacturing sites. This will bring adhesive production closer to their global customer base and reduce delivery emissions.

Launch a new Crestabond® structural adhesive for batteries

Part of Scott Bader’s strategy to achieve their 2036 vision is to partner with customers manufacturing sustainable products for sustainable markets. The adhesive team is currently developing a Crestabond® structural adhesive specifically designed for battery cell bonding.

Launch a first ever Crestomer® adhesive based on significant bio content

Scott Bader’s research and development team are currently creating an innovative Crestomer® structural adhesive based on a significant amount of bio-based content.

Scott Bader looks forward to sharing more information on these developments throughout 2022!