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Speciality Polymers – The main trend is towards lower VOC and reducing the environmental impact of raw materials

Ryan, Scott Bader’s Sales & Product Manager for Speciality Polymers, was recently interviewed at the American Coatings Show where Scott Bader was exhibiting for the first time. Here’s Ryan’s interview on market trends, bio-based raw materials and Scott Bader’s current developments:

What are the main trends in additives for paints and coatings?

Ryan: The main trend is toward lower VOC and reducing the environmental impact of raw materials throughout the life cycle of the finished products. Recent particular focus is on reducing microplastics entering the marine environment. Low hazard chemicals for additives and binders are not just focused on consumers, but also the employees, applicators and contractors. All the while, performance must still be equal to or greater than the current products in the marketplace. Global regulatory compliance for products is also a major focus.

How significant are bio-based raw materials for coating additives?

Ryan: There’s certainly a niche for bio-based raw materials and a call from several end users to increase the usage. End users are increasingly aware of the impact and footprint the products they use have on the environment. Yet the additional amount of money they are willing to pay for these products is still limited. We see this part of the market as fast growing and a focus for the future development projects. It’s critical for the long-term sustainability of our markets.

What additive developments are you currently working on?

Ryan: We are currently developing rheology products for difficult to thicken materials such as cationic systems, solvent-based systems, and higher electrolyte applications. Our focus is on ease of use, reduction in energy and decreasing production time. We have recently embarked on efforts to lower hazard and warnings associated with several of our rheology products for coatings.

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