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The Al Barai Luxury Villas and Apartments use fire retardant roofing and façade panels manufactured with Crestafire® Gelcoat and Resin

Terrazzo Dubai Co LLC is an established manufacturer of high quality composites products with eight plants manufacturing various composites products including tiles, precast items and prefabricated buildings. Their products are made to meet the most stringent international Fire, Smoke & Toxic (FST) fume performance specifications.

Scott Bader’s Crestafire® gelcoat 76PA and Crestafire® 349 E PA resin were chosen by Terrazzo to manufacture the roofing elements and facades for the Al Barari Luxury Villas and Apartments due to their excellent Fire, Smoke & Toxic fume performance characteristics. The fire standards Scott Bader’s Crestafire products meet are: Fire standards: ASTM E 84 , Class A, NFPA 285, Pass, BS EN 13501-1, Class B-s1-d0, DIN 1929 Pass

“The relationship between Terrazzo and Scott Bader is strong and continues to grow. We enjoy working with high quality products and technically sound staff. Scott Bader has wide product range, which meets most of our requirement ranging from fire retardant products to food grade products to chemical resistance products.” – Terrazzo, Dubai Co LLC 

Terrazo was established in 1977 and is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. The Composites business was established in 1984 & has a manufacturing footprint of over 150,000 square feet.