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UPDATE – Scott Bader gains accreditation for R1 of EN45545-2:2013 & A1:2015 for further grades of Crestabond®

Scott Bader is pleased to announce that it has recently gained accreditation for R1 of EN45545-2:2013 & A1:2015 covering spread of flame (ISO 5658-2:2006), heat release (ISO 5660-1:2015) and smoke & toxicity (ISO 5659-2:2012 & EN45545-2 Annex C) for its Crestabond® M7-05 and M7-15 structural adhesives.

There are numerous applications in the rail industry that require this enhanced FST performance and Scott Bader is delighted to offer a product which meets these requirements alongside the other added benefits of the Crestabond® range: Excellent fatigue and impact resistance, a range of working and fixture times to suit most components, little surface preparation and the ability to bond dissimilar substrates.

This approval demonstrates Scott Bader’s continued commitment to developing and supplying industry leading adhesives for the most demanding of applications.

Crestabond® M7-05 and M7-15 follow Crestabond® M1-20 in gaining this accreditation.