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The Scott Bader Commonwealth and IT department help local schools with home learning

The Scott Bader Commonwealth and IT department, based at our head office in Wollaston, have helped local schools with home learning through a monetary donation and 21 laptops donated across two local schools: Irchester Primary School and Wollaston School.

The latest lockdown has moved all schools across the UK to home learning. Therefore, access to a fully working laptop has become essential for children to carry on their education.

Following the donation from the Scott Bader Commonwealth, a request was made to our IT department to donate spare laptops to a growing number of local children who didn’t have access to one. In true Scott Bader community spirit, our IT department have worked tirelessly over the last week to build 21 laptops for local children after being informed of a shortage at the schools.

Alongside the laptops, Ben Leeson, our Group IT Technical Support Manager, has been working in his spare time to advise the schools on IT upgrades, setting up laptops and using video conferencing software to support online lessons.

Discussions around further donations are ongoing, with the hope we can donate more laptops as there are still many families without the resources they need for their children’s education.

Mike Findlay-Wilson, Scott Bader’s Group Chief Information Officer, said: “We are acutely aware of the impact COVID is having on families, especially the children and their education. Therefore, we at Scott Bader are delighted to be able to support the #TechTogether initiative by providing laptops to local schools”