Crestabond® M1-10 Structural Adhesive

Scott Bader’s Crestabond® M1-10 is a toughened, two component acrylic adhesive designed for bonding composites, thermoplastics and metals. This new generation of structural methacrylate adhesive meets the bonding requirements of most assembly operations, demonstrating excellent impact, peel, shear, compressive strength and fatigue resistance properties across all bonded parts.

Crestabond M1-10 is a primer-less adhesive, requiring only minimal surface cleaning of the substrates to be bonded and demonstrates high toughness in all assembled parts with a gap filling capability up to 15mm.

Crestabond M1-10 is supplied ready to use in pre-packed 400ml and 50ml cartridges and in bulk (18kg pails and 180kg drums).

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Crestabond adhesive - strength over 24 hours