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Crestabond® M1-10 Structural Adhesive

Crestabond M1-10 is part of a new generation of structural methacrylate adhesives. It provides fast setting and curing, leading to secure and strong adhesion to dissimilar substrates including metals, composites and thermoplastics.

This toughened, two-component adhesive has excellent peel, shear and fatigue resistance, and is suitable for demanding environmental and structural uses due to its incredible strength and reliability of 16-20 MPa. It does not require the use of extra materials or primers before application, making it efficient and cost effective for a variety of requirements.

When mixed with an activator, the Crestabond M1-10 has a working time of 8-12 minutes and fixture time of 16-23 minutes, and is therefore particularly suitable for larger applications. It should be stored for up to 12 months away from direct sunlight and in temperatures between 2 and 23°C. It should then be allowed to attain workshop temperature of 18-25°C before use.

We supply this resin in both single use and bulk quantities, so get in touch today to discuss your needs with one of our experts.

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