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Crestabond® M7-04 Structural Adhesive

Part of our Crestabond range of structural methacrylate adhesives, the M7-04 is a 1:1 acrylic adhesive specifically designed for particularly demanding structural and environmental applications thanks to its high strength. It also has impressive environmental resistance against peeling, shearing, impact and fatigue, making it ideal for industrial use.

Our Crestabond M7-04 is the fastest curing adhesive within our 1:1 M7 range, with a working time of just 3-5 minutes and a fixture time of 12-15 minutes. The adhesive is also suitable for primer-less application, adhering easily to dissimilar substrates including composites, metals and thermoplastics, helping to further speed up the assembly process.

This adhesive is suitable for small and intricate applications, for gap filling between 1 and 5mm. For optimum results, it should be used at a recommended temperature of 18 to 25°C and should be used immediately after opening.

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    Crestabond® M7-04 Structural Adhesive

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