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Crestabond® M7-05 Structural Adhesive

The M7-05 structural adhesive is part of our Crestabond M7 1:1 acrylic adhesive collection, providing a strong and versatile adhesive for surfaces such as thermoplastics and galvanised metals. It has a working time of 4-7 minutes and a fixture time of 18-22 minutes, without the need for primers or extensive surface preparation, increasing productivity within the assembly process.

As a structural methacrylate adhesive, Crestabond M7-05 meets the bonding requirements of most assembly operations, making it suitable for a large number of applications. Our Crestabond adhesives are particularly ideal for demanding and industrial applications, due to their impact, peel, shear, compressive strength and fatigue resistance, even on vertical surfaces.

Our Crestabond M7-05 has a gap-filling capability of 1-5mm, offering high strength and toughness to even small applications. It is supplied in 50ml and 400ml cartridges for low-volume production, as well as 18kg pails and 180kg drums.

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