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Crestomer® 1153PA Structural Adhesive

Crestomer 1153PA is a two-part pre-accelerated structural adhesive based on unsaturated urethane acrylate in a styrene monomer. The urethane acrylate base means that this adhesive provides an improved aesthetic and an enhanced surface finish compared to other structural adhesives.

As Crestomer 1153PA has superb fatigue and impact resistance, it is ideal for gap filling between 1 – 15 mm. With approvals from Lloyds and Rina, it only further projects the superior quality and strength of the structural adhesive and its capabilities, having been designed specifically for demanding applications.

This adhesive is more suited for large structural use and recommended substrates include epoxy, DCPD, GRP/FRP, marine ply and aluminium. Crestomer structural adhesives ensure that high exotherm temperatures do not occur, meaning that characteristics of substrates are not distorted or damaged.

Providing that surfaces are cleaned of dust and grease correctly, Crestomer 1153PA has excellent adhesion FRP material. The required catalyst is MEKP (50%) and it needs to be added at 2% v/w.

Crestomer 1153PA is supplied in containers of either 25KG or 200Kg, and it is recommended that any applications should be conducted between the temperatures of 18°C and 25°C. If you are unsure about what adhesive might be best for you and your project or want to find out more, access our data sheet below or get in touch.

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