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Crestomer® 1186PA Structural Adhesive

Crestomer 1186PA from our adhesive range is a multi-purpose gap filling structural adhesive that has been designed for a wide range of FRP applications. This adhesive is highly thixotropic with a urethane acrylate base that exhibits exceptional impact strength, toughness and resistance to crack propagation.

Our multi-purpose adhesive has the capabilities of cohesively filling gaps between 1 and 30mm.

Crestomer 1186PA has a working time of 50 minutes and a fixture time of 5.5 hours with an impeccable level of adhesion to a wide variety of metals, ceramics and polymeric materials. Recommended substrates include stainless steel, aluminium, marine ply, balsa, GRP/FRP, polyester resin and epoxy.

Scott Bader Crestomer structural adhesives are designed to ensure they do not permit high exotherm temperatures, removing the risk of aesthetically damaging parts that are being bonded.

We recommend that this structural adhesive is used with MEKP (50%) catalyst, with the catalyst being added at 2% w/v. Once the catalyst has been added, the colour will change from blue to grey, which can be used as a visual check to evaluate the effectiveness of the catalyst mix.

We offer Crestomer 1186PA in both 25Kg and 200Kg containers. For more information about Crestomer 1186PA or any of our other Scott Bader adhesives, please download our brochure or feel free to contact us below for any specific queries.

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