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Crestomer® 1196PA Structural Adhesive

Crestomer 1196PA is a Scott Bader low density adhesive that has been designed for structural gap-filling for use in sandwich construction. This structural adhesive provides an inevitably strong hold and is highly impact-resistant. Its low density allows for significant weight saving.

The working time of the structural adhesive is 50 minutes with a fixture time of 6.5 hours. There is a colour change (over cure), from purple to pink, which allows our customers to not only validate if the correct amount has been applied, but also to determine whether the adhesive has been cured fully and correctly.

Recommended substrates include balsa, marine ply, GRP/FRP, DCPD, vinyl ester and stainless steel. Crestomer 1196PA is formulated to bond core materials such as rigid PVC foam and balsa to cured or semi-cured FRP skins.

Priming the core material is imperative as it ensures complete wetting of the core and aids in sealing the grain of some materials. Application of Crestomer 1196PA should be carried out between 18°C and 25°C. The required catalyst is MEKP (50%) and it needs to be added at 2% w/v.

This product is for skilled individuals only; if you are in any doubt or in need of guidance on what adhesive is right for you, contact Scott Bader today to speak to an expert.

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