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Crestomer® Advantage 60 Structural Adhesive

Crestomer Advantage 60 is a structural adhesive that bonds a wide range of substrates with minimal surface preparation and lower odour than other adhesives. It is a white paste that experiences no colour change over cure, with a working time of 60 minutes, and bonded parts are workable in 3 hours.

The opaque white colour of this structural adhesive blends well in cosmetically sensitive applications, making it ideal for use in a range of industries, although suitability for specific applications should be determined by the user. The urethane acrylate base gives it excellent adhesion and high elongation at break, whilst also making it excellent at retaining toughness and resistant to fatigue and impact.

Crestomer Advantage 60 is recommended for a variety of metals, woods, and composites. It possesses a tensile strength, modulus, and elongation of 22-25 MPa, 400-600 MPa, and 100-120% respectively and a viscosity of 280,000-350,000 cP, making it non-sag and maintaining its effectiveness when applied to vertical surfaces.

Crestomer Advantage 60 is supplied ready for use in 380ml co-axial cartridges and requires no hand mixing. It should be stored between 15°C and 20°C for best results. For more information about this product, download our datasheet below or contact us today.

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