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Crestapol® 1218PA White

Crestapol 1218PA White is a pre-accelerated, filled, non-thixotropic, urethane acrylate resin. It has a low viscosity and geltime of just 9-12 minutes, leading to a rapid cure that is ideal for applications requiring fast cycle times and high production rates.

This tough composite resin has been designed for closed mould process applications, especially RTM applications, however it is also suitable for other processes such as resin infusion.

Part of our Crestapol range, this urethane acrylate-based resin incorporates a special grade of calcium carbonate for improved shrinkage control and an excellent surface finish. This, combined with its relative hardness, makes it an ideal resin for applications with both aesthetic and functional requirements.

To learn more about the properties of Crestapol 1218PA White or any other resin within our Crestapol range, download our Product Guide below, or contact us today to discover the right product for your specific needs.


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