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Crystic® Fireguard Gelcoat 72PA

Part of our Crestafire range of fire-retardant resins and gels, Crystic Fireguard 72PA is a pre-accelerated and filled gelcoat. It is designed for spray application, beginning with a thin mist coat before building up the thickness with even coats to minimise porosity and colour defects.

Available in a wide range of colours and pigments, this resin is ideal for both external and internal use within the building, transport and industrial sectors. Thanks to its low flammability and class 1 FST rating, Crystic Fireguard 72PA is suitable for high traffic and demanding applications where safety is of the highest priority.

After attaining workshop temperature and mixing with a catalyst of 2% Butanox M50, Crystic Fireguard 72PA has a geltime of 6-10 minutes at 25°C. Once cured, ideally for 24 hours, the gelcoat has a tensile strength of 55MPa and tensile modulus of 5,200MPa. Before use, the gelcoat should be tested in your intended application conditions to ensure the required surface finish can be achieved.

We supply Crystic Fireguard 72PA in 25kg and 225kg containers, which should be stored out of direct sunlight and below 20°C. To find out more about this gelcoat or any of the other resins within our Crestafire range, download our brochures below or get in touch today.

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