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Crystic® FR1166 PAK Fire Retardant Resin

Crystic FR1166 PAK is an unsaturated fire-retardant resin that should be used when excellent low smoke and fire-resistant laminates are required, in demanding applications such as within the public transport, building and railway industries. It is an orthophthalic, pre-accelerated polyester resin that has been designed for contact moulding or spray application.

The resin has a low styrene content, providing better comfort and reduced odour, while the absence of halogens ensures an excellent smoke rating and low toxicity of fumes. It has no heavy metals, in line with REACH recommendations, but is filled with special additives to ensure the fast and easy impregnation of reinforcements.

When used with 2% of catalyst M, it has a geltime of 14 minutes at 25°C. To achieve optimum heat deflection and dimensional stability, and comply with M1 and F1 fire safety standards, Crystic FR1166 PAK should also be post cured. (Please note, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure necessary fire classifications are met before use).

Crystic FR1166 PAK should be stored at 10-25°C in its original container to avoid compromising the properties of the product and its overall shelf life. Discover more about the properties and formulation of this resin by downloading our datasheet below, or browse our full Crestafire range to find the right resin for your application.

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