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Crystic® Laminating Resin 1122PA

Crystic 1122PA is an orthophthalic, unsaturated polyester resin, designed for general use in a wide range of applications. Supplied as a solution dissolved in monomeric styrene, it is designed for brush application and is ideally suited for the manufacture of parts for building/construction, transportation, and industrial applications.

The low viscosity of Crystic 1122PA makes it suitable for use without modification in most types of spray equipment, while its thixotropy prevents draining when used on vertical or inclined surfaces with chopped strand mat. This resin has been specially formulated to give rapid wetting and impregnation of reinforcements and to aid in the elimination of air. It is almost colourless when cured, making it highly versatile.

Cystic 1122PA is formulated for room temperature curing applications, requiring only the addition of the correct amount of catalyst for the curing reaction to begin, making it ideal for long production runs. It has a gel time of 13 minutes, and its pre-accelerated qualities give a sufficient pot life for contact moulding in ambient temperatures. Pigments and fillers may be used with Crystic 1122PA, however the final cure and physical properties of the product may be affected.

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