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Crystic® Polyester Resin 196

Crystic 196 is an orthophthalic polyester resin, suitable for automated processes such as pultrusion, filament winding and resin injection, as well as hand lay-up. At Scott Bader, we supply a low viscosity (Crystic 196LV), light stabilised (Crystic 196UV), and tack-free (Crystic 196W) version of this resin.

Crystic 196 resin has excellent physical and mechanical properties, impact resistance and electrical performance, making it ideal for the manufacture of mouldings for land transport, marine, and industrial applications.

This resin should be at workshop temperature before use and requires the addition of a catalyst and accelerator for the curing process to begin. It can be pigmented using up to 5% of Crystic Pigment Paste, however this may affect the overall properties of the final laminate. It has a 7-minute gel time and should be post-cured to achieve best results.

We supply Crystic 196 in 25kg kegs, 225kg drums, and 1125kg bulk containers; bulk supplies can be delivered via road tanker. To find out more about this resin, get in touch today.


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