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Crystic® Polyester Resin 199

Crystic 199 is an isophthalic polyester resin recommended for use in high-performance applications such as the aircraft industry. It’s excellent chemical and heat resistance when fully cured makes it ideal for applications where superior thermal and electrical properties are required; it can withstand long periods of up to a year at temperatures up to 150°C, and shorter periods at temperatures up to 200°C without experiencing performance loss.

This resin is suitable for both hot curing formulations at 80°C – 130°C with the addition of a catalyst, and cold curing formulations at workshop temperature (18°C – 20°C) with the addition of a catalyst and accelerator. Any other additives may negatively affect the performance properties of the cured resin and should be added with caution. For optimum heat resistance properties once cured, hot curing formulations are recommended.

Crystic 199 resin should be stored in a closed container, in temperatures below 20°C where possible but should not exceed 30°C. They should also be stored horizontally in order to avoid the ingress of water.

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