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Crystic® Laminating Resin 2-301PA

Crystic 2-301PA is an orthophthalic, low viscosity, unsaturated polyester resin with low styrene emission during application. It is a laminating resin, supplied as a solution dissolved in monomeric styrene, and is designed for application by spray, roller, or brush.

This resin has a low exotherm temperature, which allows laminates of up to 3mm in thickness to be formed within one operation. This means finished laminates are tough and resilient, making them ideally suited for use in building and construction, and industrial applications.

Crystic 2-301PA needs only the addition of a catalyst for the curing reaction to begin and is therefore suitable for long production runs in a controlled workshop setting. This resin has been specially designed to change colour when the correct amount of catalyst has been added, making it easy to use correctly. While pigment pastes and fillers should be used sparingly to avoid any negative effects on the properties of the cured laminate, up to 5% of pigment can be added if needed.

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