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Crystic® Polyester Resin 703PA

Crystic 703PA is a pre-accelerated dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) based polyester resin. It is primarily designed for vacuum injection, with its low viscosity and controlled exotherm characteristics making it particularly suited for large vacuum injections, although other techniques can be used.

This resin is approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, and has excellent impact resistance, especially due to its compatibility with most reinforcement types. Because of this, it is therefore suitable for a number of heavy-duty applications within the marine, building and construction, and transportation industries.

The 703PA curing reaction requires only the addition of a catalyst to begin and should be carried out workshop temperature. The resin, mould, and workshop should all be allowed to reach at least 15°C before the process is carried out. This resin is not ideally suited for the addition of fillers or pigments, and you should get in touch with one of our technical experts before using any additives.

Find out more about Crystic 703PA, or any of our polyester resins by taking a look at our European product guide or contacting us today.

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